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Immerse and Inspire Yourself with 1500 Chinese Characters

你好! Welcome to, where you can buy posters to help you learn Chinese characters using Professor James Heisig's revolutionary Remembering the Hanzi method!

What the Poster Is

  • 1500 of the most frequently used Chinese characters
  • Organized by simplicity (i.e. Heisig order)
  • Printed on a beautiful, glossy 22.5"x36" poster

Our glossy 22.5"x36" study poster contains 1500 RTH hanzi in Heisig order. If you're new to Heisig's Remembering the Hanzi method, don't worry! In a nutshell, this simply means that the characters on our poster are 1500 of the most frequently used Chinese characters, organized by simplicity. Hanzi are the foundation for learning Chinese and to truly absorb them, you'll need immerse yourself in the characters and practice daily. Our beautiful poster will help you do just that, delivering a healthy serving of immersion, practice, and inspiration (a crucial but oft-overlooked ingredient)!

How to Use the Poster

Mei, our resident hanzi learning rabbit, will now demonstrate how to use the poster!

Mei's Visual Guide to the HanziStudyPoster

Got it? It's simple! You can put one by your desk to help motivate you! Perhaps over your computer to get in some quick practice while pages load! By your TV to study during those annoying commercials! In your bathroom to read while you brush your teeth and...ahem. On the ceiling over your bed to stare at before you sleep! On the windshield of your ca- okay, maybe we're going a little too far, but you get the idea! (Seriously, don't put the poster over the windshield of your car. That would be very bad.)

Live the hanzi! Breathe the hanzi! Eat them for breakfast! The first step to fluency in Chinese is learning the hanzi. The keys to learning the hanzi are simple: immersion, inspiration, and practice. We simply make it even easier by providing all three in one handy dandy package of hanzi poster awesomeness!

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