FAQ—short for Frequently Asked Questions (but you knew that already, didn't you?)

Are the hanzi in Heisig order?
Absolutely. If they seem out of order, try reading it vertically! In other words, read it from top to bottom, from right to left! We went with this layout (竪排) because this is how Chinese calligraphy is traditionally written. Still curious? Good! More information on horizontal vs. vertical writing can be found here.

How big is the poster?
Our poster is 22.5" wide and 36" tall, a size that has been scientifically proven by rabbits to help hanzi learning.

How large are the hanzi on the poster?
This preview should help give you an idea!

How come the poster hanzi look less blocky than the hanzi I see when I view Chinese on my computer?
Keen eye! After trying out a bunch of fonts, we decided to use one that comes closer to capturing the grace of hand-written hanzi, as opposed to one of the blockier, more artificial-looking default fonts. You’ll notice the Heisig book actually uses a similar font when showing the stroke order at the bottom of each frame.

Why a traditional poster instead of a simplified poster?
Because our crystal ball told us so! In all seriousness, if you’re interested in a simplified version, that’s great! Please let us know by contacting us or by voting in our poll, and if enough interest is shown, we’ll definitely add a simplified version of our hanzi poster awesomeness as well!
Update: Due to popular demand, HanziStudyPoster.com is pleased to announce that we will be producing a limited run of a simplified version of our poster with pinyin! Learn more.

What is Heisig's Remembering the Hanzi method and how does it work?
The RTH (Remembering the Hanzi) method is a unique method used to teach 3000 of the most frequently used Chinese characters. Initially created by Professor James Heisig to help students of Japanese learn Japanese characters, he later applied the same method to Chinese. In a nutshell, the Heisig method involves breaking down each character into its component parts and creating a story using those parts to help memorize the character's meaning. Emphasis is placed on learning each character's meaning, as opposed to its pronunciation. More information about Heisig's method can be found here. A sample chapter of Heisig's book can be found here, which includes a detailed description of his method. Today, Heisig's method is often combined with SRS software. SRS software is widely used across multiple disciplines to facilitate learning and can be simply thought of as a flashcard system with intelligent scheduling.

Any other tips for learning Chinese?
We hope that you'll find something useful here!

What is the 100% money-back guarantee? What is your refund policy?
Simple: if you're not happy with your poster for any reason, simply let us know at sales [at] hanzistudyposter.com within 60 days of your purchase, and we'll refund you the full price, including shipping, no questions asked! You get your money back, and you get to keep your poster(s) for free. Yep, we're just that cool.

What other posters would you like to see in the future?
How many new hanzi did you study today?
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