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Immerison. Inspiration. Practice. Simplified.

Exciting news! Due to popular demand, is pleased to announce a limited run of a simplified version of our poster with pinyin!

Since this batch will be a small trial run, our supply will be extremely limited. Orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

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Save up to 33% with combos!
Please note that we can only ship within the United States.

Simplified Posters

「1 poster」

"The simple power of one."

+ $9.99 shipping and handling



「2 poster combo」

"Simply double your pleasure posters, double your fun immersion.""

+ $9.99 shipping and handling

Price Per Poster: $19.95

You Save: $9.99 (20%))

「3 poster combo」

"The hanzi triple play. Now, you too can simply say, 'I see hanzi. All the time. They're everywhere.'"

+ $9.99 shipping and handling

Price Per Poster: $16.66

You Save: $24.98 (33%)

Our posters are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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